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Steps for Building Retaining Brick Walls

brick retaining walls for planting beds

Residential properties are enhanced by the construction of retaining walls. These brick structures add more than aesthetic appeal to the property. They serve many functional purposes, too. Homeowners planning on building a retaining brick wall will find the following steps useful. The functional purposes of retaining walls are numerous. Retaining brick walls clearly mark the boundaries of a home. The sloping yard around a property is more usable when retaining walls are properly installed. The brick walls also manage water …
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Main Differences Between Landscaping and Hardscaping

retaining wall paving

Homeowners who aim to enhance the appearance or functioning of their outdoor space will consider either landscaping or hardscaping. While the two are related, the projects are entirely different. Here are the primary differences to help homeowners take the right approach. Most homes are designed with aesthetically pleasing landscaping as well as functional hardscaping. Plants, shrubs, and trees growing in the yard are elements of landscaping. On the other hand, the driveway, patio, pool, and deck are considered components of …
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