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Have you wanted to transform the outside of your home with an impressive brick or stone patio, driveway, walkway, retaining wall, or outdoor kitchen?  Our professionals at Pavestone can make it happen.

Pavestone is a Unilock and Rochester Authorized Contractor.  We provide the following hardscape and brick paving services using quality paver products from top manufacturers:







Your Paver Installation Experts

Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. is a brick paving contractor that designs, installs, and maintains brick paver and natural stone hardscape features including patios, driveways, entrances and walkaways, retaining walls, firepits and fireplaces, grill enclosures, outdoor lighting, and outdoor kitchens. We are a family-owned business that has been serving homeowners and businesses in Des Plaines, IL, and the surrounding north and northwest Chicago suburbs for more than 24 years.

Our professionals will listen to your idea so we can better understand your needs and help with the design and planning. You can expect fair pricing and exceptional craftsmanship as well as a five-year unconditional guarantee on al labor for brick paving, retaining wall, and step projects.

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Why Choose Pavestone Brick Paving?

Pavestone Brick Paving Inc. understands that every hardscape installation we complete is a reflection of our vision, expertise and experience. Most importantly, our brick paving installations reflect the vision of our clients. Your home is more than a major investment, it is also an expression of who you are. Our professionals have the expretise and experience to transform your outdoor living space into a showcase for years to come by optimizing structural integrity and aesthetics.

Pavestone is a ICP (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) certified and a Unlock and Rochester Authorized Contractor. We can easily guarantee that our installations will be done according to manufacturer specifiactions and meet the highest industry standarsds. We have spent more than 24 years designing, planning and installing all types of paving and retaining wall projects. You can rest assured that we will pay close attention to each and every detail for your paving project.

The products from the manufacturers we work with, including Unilock and Rochester, are always changing.We will provide you with the latest samples, literature, pictures and examples of our available products for your new luxury outdoor living space. pavestone will also make outdoor display visits and “projects in progress” visits at any time to ensure proper materials selection and installation procedure. In addition, we will provide you with a full 3D Hardscape and landscape color rendering on your project.

Awarded Unilock Paving Contractor

Our Service Areas

We offer our outdoor paver installation services in Chicago and across the Northwestern suburbs of Illinois


Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. is a family-owned hardscape contractor executing professional installations for homeowners and businesses in Des Plaines, IL and throughout the north and northwest Chicago suburbs. For our installations, we offer a wide selection of concrete and clay pavers as well as natural stone including bluestone, flagstone, and cultured stone. We will help you design your exterior living space and assist you in choosing the right paver for your project.
We are very proud to be doing our part to contribute to the sustainability of the environment by offering permeable pavers for residential and commercial installations. If you want to go green with your project, feel free to inquire about permeable paver installation.


Whether your hardscape inverstment icludes a small walkway, a large driveway, or a complete landscape project, Pavestone wants you to enjoy the benefits of your project to the fulliest. For the most part, rick pavers require no maintenance. However, certain environmental conditions may require some additional care and maintenance so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come. Feel free to inquire about our power wash and seal coat programs, along with our polymeric sand installations

Patio Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a paver patio over other types of patios?

Paver patios offer numerous advantages compared to other patio types, like concrete patios, which include the following benefits:

  1. Aesthetics: Brick pavers offer homeowners a wide selection of colors, sizes, and styles, allowing for flexibility in creating the desired aesthetic for their patio. Homeowners can select colors that complement the exterior of their home and other outdoor areas, and even incorporate multiple colored pavers to construct intricate patterns.
  2. Durability: Brick pavers are interlocking, fitting and locking together like puzzle pieces. The interlocking pavers provide a more durable surface compared to concrete slabs, which are more susceptible to cracks and breaks. Brick pavers can also be treated with surface coatings that help prevent dirt buildup, stains, and weathering.
  3. Low maintenance: Brick pavers require minimal maintenance and can be kept in good condition with regular washing. If a paver becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced.
  4. Longer warranty: The brick pavers offered by Pavestone have a warranty duration that is longer compared to other patio materials.
  5. More outdoor living options: Brick pavers offer a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, providing you with countless options to design a distinctive patio.

How long does it take to install a paver patio?

Small, basic patios without additional features typically require around 1 week for completion. Patios that are larger and have more complex designs and features, such as retaining walls, steps, and pillars, may require additional installation time.

Why do I need to hire a professional for paver patio construction?

Hiring a professional to construct paver patios is recommended due to their expertise and experience in providing proper installations. Our professionals at Pavestone will handle all aspects of your paver patio installation.

  1. Patio design: We will start by assisting you in selecting your pavers and designing your patio. Your design will be transformed into a 3D model, allowing you to visualize the final product.
  2. Proper installation:
  3. Our team of professionals will handle all aspects of the installation process, including excavation and creating a solid base for the pavers, as well as ensuring proper slope for efficient drainage.
  4. Longevity: Professional installation is recommended for a longer-lasting paver patio.
  5. Craftsmanship: Our professionals can provide a high-quality level of craftsmanship that enhances the appearance and durability of your patio.
  6. Scheduling/ timing: We will develop a timeline for the installation of your patio to ensure it is completed efficiently.
More FAQs

We offer our outdoor paver installation services in Chicago and across the Northwestern suburbs of Illinois

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