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Adding outdoor living spaces is like building an extension onto your home.  These spaces can be used for entertaining friends and family or to give yourself a quiet place outside to relax.  One thing you can do to get the most out of your outdoor living spaces is adding landscape lighting so you can comfortably and safely use these spaces at night.

Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. is a landscape lighting contractor that can install outdoor lighting in Des Plaines, IL, and the surrounding north and northwest Chicago suburbs.  We can help choose and install the best outdoor lighting for your hardscape features to illuminate your outdoor living spaces.

Adding outdoor lighting to your hardscape features can accentuate the appearance of your outdoor living spaces at night and make them much safer to use.  Certain types of lighting create different moods and visual effects while giving life to your nighttime landscape.  You have plenty of options available to you when it comes to the type of lighting and design of the layout to ensure that key areas of your hardscape are properly lit.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

You can work with Pavestone to install the following types of landscape lighting:

  • Uplighting: Uplighting, or upward facing lights, provide focused and direct lighting that can be aimed at certain hardscape or landscape features. You can give hardscape features new character with focused lighting and focusing these lights on the trees in your yard gives your hardscape a surreal backdrop.
  • Silhouette lighting: You can create silhouettes out of certain hardscape features with backlighting. Backlighting trees, sculptures, shrubs, and other features creates a prominent outline and interesting shadows.
  • Spotlighting: Directing spotlights at specific hardscape features makes them stand out by accentuating the subtleties of their texture. You can also use spotlights to create silhouettes.
  • Decorative lighting: There are several types of decorative lighting you can add to your hardscape for a more festive environment including string lights, paper lanterns, and decorative lamps.
  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is soft lighting used to fill space and create a relaxing atmosphere. You can use a single source or combine lighting to create the desired ambient effect.
  • Colored lighting: Incorporating colored lighting allows you to create different moods for different features of your hardscape. You can use warm colors to create a welcoming environment for patios and outdoor kitchens and cool colors for a serene ambience for a pool.

No matter what ideas you have for your outdoor lighting, our professionals at Pavestone can help.  We are an outdoor lighting contractor that can help you design the lighting to accentuate the features of your hardscape and create the right atmosphere.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

The patio is a place to gather to socialize, enjoy meals, and enjoy the warmth of a fire from a fire pit.  This is a larger area than many other outdoor living spaces which means that lighting needs to be chosen and installed to fill the space.  Ambient lighting is a great option to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere on your patio and you can also use decorative lighting to make the patio more festive.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Installing outdoor lighting for your walkways not only creates an impressive path, but also makes it safer to move between outdoor living spaces at night.  Using downward facing lighting will avoid glare and focus the lighting on the path while highlighting the colors and textures of the brick pavers or natural stone slabs.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Retaining Walls

Installing outdoor lighting for your retaining walls creates dimension by highlighting the angles, textures, height, and layout.  This lighting can also highlight features along your retaining wall such as shrubs and flowerbeds.  Downward lighting is a good choice for retaining walls as this type of lighting accentuates the features of the wall while avoiding glare.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Our professionals at Pavestone can help you with every aspect of the design for your outdoor landscape lighting.  We will listen to your ideas, including which hardscape features you want to light up, and help choose the type of lighting and placement to create the desired ambience.  We have many types of outdoor lighting available that can turn your hardscape into an impressive display at night.

As we work with you to finalize the design, we will create a 3D model with full color rendering so you can see what the project will look like when completed.  This also gives you an opportunity to make changes to your design before the installation begins.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Maintenance and Repairs for Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting is not indestructible as weather, animals, and accidentally knocking into the lights can cause damage.  Our professionals provide maintenance and repairs to keep your outdoor lighting working and repair or replace damaged lights.

Retrofits and Upgrades

If you already have a hardscape in your yard and you want to illuminate it with new lighting, we can provide retrofits for landscape lighting.  Our professionals will check out your current landscape and listen to your ideas to help you choose the lights and design the layout.  We also provide upgrades if you want to replace the lighting in your landscape with new and improved lighting.

Landscape Lighting Installation from Pavestone

Installing lighting into your landscape can result in an impressive display that highlights hardscape features, creates ambience, and makes the space safe for use at night.  Pavestone is a landscape lighting contractor that can design and install lights that improve the experience of your outdoor living spaces.

You can call Pavestone at (847) 895-7004 for more about our landscape lighting installation in Des Plaines, IL and the surrounding north and northwest Chicago suburbs.

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Sergio and his crew were fantastic, each day they were on time and thoroughly communicated what was to be done on the project. They listened, and were flexible with details that I felt needed special attention to achieve what I was looking for. Job site was cleaned when project was complete and they took time to walk through everything and answer questions about how things were done, maintenance and operation of lighting. This was a fun experience and would recommend them to friends and neighbors! Well done Pavestone.

Robert Pattock

We knew Ricky was our guy right away. He had great ideas and promised to manage every aspect of the project. My office looks out to the yard, I was so impressed with the crews attention to detail through every step of the project. They really care about the quality of their work and are very neat (even swept the street every night). Ricky suggested the landscaping lights and it really takes it up a level. The carpenter who did the pavilion was great. The project turned out even better than we expected!

Rebecca Vorreyer

Highly recommend Pavestone Brick Paving Inc. The owner, Ricky is an excellent communicator. He’s honest and passionate about his profession. Any phone messages or texts were expediently answered. He worked with us and the original designs created. From there he offered suggestions and helped guide to see the stones in person, both in samples brought to the house, or meeting us at Lurvey’s. Pricing was fair and any change orders were openly discussed beforehand. Ricky did a great job of presenting solutions as well as being mindful of expenses. The quality of the work was spot on. Ricky made sure to show us that him and his crew did not cut any corners or under fill any areas. Navigating local municipalities can be an art. Ricky’s been in business for a while and has built relationships with many townships and local inspectors. Pavestone has a strong website with nice examples of their work. The 3D render phase before construction was very helpful to finalize some last minute electrical decisions. His knowledge of paver and the latest trends is vast. In fact, the paver we selected he recently found at a recent trade show. And it looks fantastic. Plus, he had several suggestions of lighting that worked out great, especially the under lit steps. All around great experience.

John C

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