Hiring the Perfect Contractor

If you are considering a brick paving project, it is imperative to ask the right questions and get the right answers. In order to make the right decision on which contractor to hire for your project, Pavestone has put together a list of very important questions that you should ask all your potential brick paving and outdoor living contractors:

  1. What is the contractor’s primary business?
  2. Does the paving contractor have his own in-house crews, or do they use subcontractors?
  3. Is the paving contractor ICPI (Illinois Concrete Pavement Institute) Certified?
  4. Is the contractor authorized from a major brick manufacturer such as Unilock orBelgard?
  5. How will the contractor grade the brick installation for proper drainage and water runoff?
  6. Will the excavated area be a minimum of six to 12 inches wider than the actual paved area to insure proper edge stability?
  7. What type of edge restraint will they use, and does it conform to ICPI standards?
  8. Will the brick contractor excavate a minimum of 15 inches for vehicular brick pavements and nine inches for pedestrian brick pavements?
  9. Will the contractor use base material with proper gradation? This facilitates proper compaction while allowing for proper water drainage.
  10. Will the gravel base be compacted with proper water moisture, and in equal lifts to achieve the best compaction?
  11. Will the plate compactor used produce a minimum of 4,000 pounds of force for pedestrian pavements, and 7,000 pounds of force for vehicular pavements?
  12. Does the contractor use ICPI recommended torpedo sand for bedding not more than one inch to 1-3/4 inches thick?
  13. Will the contractor assure an even color mix on your project? (Pallets should all be opened and worked in together to assure an even color mix.)
  14. How long will the contractor offer their guarantee, and what will the guarantee provide?
  15. Is the contractor a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau)? You should alwayscheck the BBB before hiring a contractor.
  16. Does the contractor carry all necessary insurances including workman’s compensation? (It is very important to ask for a copy of all insurances.)
  17. Is the contractor licensed with the City in which the work will be performed?

Before you begin paving your driveway, sidewalk, or patio, you’ll need to choose a contractor. Consider whether it’s important to find a local company, one with excellent credentials and references, or simply one that offers the best price. PaveStone Brick Paving takes pride to be the #1 award-winning Hardscape Installer in Chicagoland areas with over 20 years of experience and over a hundred customers’ 5-star ratings. We are determined to help you design an outdoor living space that you cherish every moment with your family.