How to Decorate Your Outdoor Patio

A backyard haven awaits homeowners who learn how to decorate their outdoor patio. Transform the patio into an inviting space by personalizing the décor. Use these 12 designer-approved tactics to breathe new life into an existing patio and double the enjoyment of spending time there.

The typical patio has the potential to be a cozy outdoor space for quiet evenings around the fire pit, a place to share meals with friends and family, or simply serve as a peaceful place to slumber underneath the blue sky and backyard trees.

Not all patios come designed to suit the homeowner’s taste. A little revamping with outdoor rugs, strings of lights, and potted plants add bursts of personality to a backyard patio. Whether the space is small or expansive, the following ideas are sure to transform the patio beautifully.

Brick Paver Patio by Pavestone Brick Paving

How do homeowners decorate a patio?

Before splurging on decorations, keep general concepts in mind, like the weather. Choose furnishings that withstand the elements: rain, sunshine, and wind. Feel bold and inspired by mixing and matching patterns. Create a space suited to a unique, personal style to encourage use of the patio.

1. Create Spaciousness

Decorate a small patio to exude spaciousness. Oversized pillows on sofas or tall plants growing out of extra-large planters erase the sparseness of a tiny patio. The space feels bigger by simply filling it with a few bulky items—only clutter results when packing it with numerous small accents.

2. Build Custom Zones

A large patio, on the other hand, can be separated into custom zones, like a bonfire zone, a safe place for the kids to play, or a grilling station and bar to entertain guests. Create a quiet spot for napping or lounging by hanging linen drapes that also lend privacy.

3. Position Sofas Strategically

Encourage conversations by positioning furniture advantageously. Place sofas across from one another, for instance, to accommodate face-to-face chatting. Add a coffee table in between to hold snacks or drinks. A few stools nearby double as extra seating or drink tables.

stylish home outdoor dining patio

4. Add Ambiance

Light up the backyard patio by hanging strings of warm lighting, which not only adds ambiance but effective illumination. Carry on engaging discussions with friends and family well into the night. If hanging lighting isn’t practical, such as in an open patio, consider adding outdoor lamps instead.

5. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains serve multiple functions, like providing privacy as well as offering shade on hot summer days. When combined with a pergola, the curtains define the space by semi-enclosing it. The curtains can be closed to create an instant sanctuary or opened to take in the view.

6. Mix and Match Décor

A patio set delivers uniformity, leaving homeowners restricted to matching their patio décor. Instead, go bold and mix and match hues, fabric materials, and furnishings. Add a showy umbrella to a set of patio chairs; top the furniture with pillows in eye-catching patterns.

7. Blend Indoor and Outdoor Aesthetics

Natural materials that can be used either indoors or outdoors make leaving the home to enter the patio seamless. Achieve a natural feel by combining rattan, wood, metal, concrete, glass, or ceramic in balanced proportions. This design tip helps connect the indoors to the outdoors.

8. Add a Splash of Paint

Transform a concrete patio into a work of art by applying porch paint. With the help of painter’s tape, create divisions and work in sections. Get creative by painting abstract geometric shapes or paint any design that adds flair to the patio surface.

9. Build a Fireplace

firepit in paved patio

An outdoor fireplace is just as inviting on cool nights as an indoor one. Building a dramatic brick chimney and fireplace, for instance, add instant coziness to chilly evenings outside. The fireplace doesn’t have to be the focal point when an eye-catching rug serves as one.

10. Add an Outdoor Rug

One of the simplest design upgrades to a backyard patio is adding an outdoor rug. Consider that the rug can be accentuated with a Cricut machine. Simply choose a desirable pattern, outline the stencil with a washable marker and fill in the shape with acrylic paint.

11. Mount Plants to a Wall

Refresh the outdoor living space by mounting potted plants on the wall. The key to long-term design success is opting for low-maintenance succulents, herbs, or trailing plants. Or, for a rustic arrangement, upright a wood pallet and pop the plants into screwed-in hose clamps.

retaining wall paving

12. Hang a Canopy

A canopy over the backyard patio is an easy design tip that serves practical and aesthetic functions. As an impromptu ceiling, it adds shade on scorching days. Opting for an attention-grabbing canopy, such as a striped one in bright colors, delivers flair to even a plain patio.

Before you have the privilege to decorate your patio, you’ll need a space to work with. This can mean designing and building a new patio altogether. When you seek a patio contractor, look no further than Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. We provide high-quality patio installation services.

You’ll meet with our design team to discuss your ideal aesthetic for the patio. Our experienced team offers suggestions on the best materials to use, whether brick pavers or natural stone slabs. Crews get to work right away to build a backyard patio that fulfills your vision.

We offer a range of materials. When opting for a rustic feel, our natural stone slabs are perfect; they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Alternately, we can install a durable brick paver patio; bricks can be laid in different patterns to create a unique look.

If you enjoy your existing patio but are concerned about damage or fading, Pavestone also offers patio repair and maintenance services to restore the look and function. and safety of your outdoor living space. Crews are available to perform repairs, apply seal coatings, and power wash surfaces.

Pavestone is the go-to patio contractor for homeowners living in Des Plaines, Illinois, and the surrounding northwest Chicago suburbs. We are available at 847-895-7004. Start the build of your patio so you can decorate it to your desired tastes. Call our office today to learn more about our highly rated services.

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