8 Tips to Enclose Your Brick Paver Patio for Winter

With winter approaching, it’s time to think about how to enjoy your patio even when it’s cold. Don’t let the dropping temperatures keep you indoors – instead, let’s turn your outdoor space into a cozy winter retreat. We’ll explore practical and stylish ways to enclose your brick paver patio, providing protection from the winter weather while adding a touch of magic to your outdoor space. Whether you’re dreaming of sipping hot cocoa in a light snowfall or hosting a winter gathering with friends and family, these ideas will make your patio a destination to enjoy all winter long. But first, let’s understand why enclosing a patio is important and the benefits it brings.

Hard top pergola protecting patio from snow

The Pros of Having an Enclosed Patio

The advantages of having an enclosed patio are:

  • It keeps yourself and your furniture safe from the weather – no more worrying about rain, snow, or too much sun.
  • It can be used as an extra living room, dining area, or even a home office.
  • It makes it more private and secured.
  • It will make you spend less time on maintenance because your furniture and decorations are protected from the outside elements.
  • It will keep your plants happy all year long by giving them a safe space in your enclosed patio.

How to Enclose Your Brick Paver Patio During Winter?

If you’re reluctant to bid adieu to your patio until spring, fear not! There are several clever strategies to enclose your patio space. Let’s explore these ideas.

  1. Clear Vinyl Tarping: For residents of Chicago, it’s essential to find a solution that is sufficiently dense and can fully cover the patio without leaving vulnerable gaps for cold air to seep through. This is where crystal-clear vinyl tarps prove to be an ideal choice for enclosing a patio during the winter. Their transparency allows for an unobstructed view while effectively creating a sealed barrier against the cold, ensuring that the patio is well-protected from the harsh winter elements. You can easily find these clear vinyl tarps at hardware stores or online. Simply secure them around your patio using grommets or adhesive hooks.
  2. Insulated Curtains: Insulated curtains present another practical option for winterizing your patio. Look for curtains made from insulating materials to trap heat and keep the cold away. Find options with thermal backing or extra layers for added warmth. Hang these curtains around your patio using a sturdy rod, ensuring they cover the entire space. This budget-friendly solution not only creates a cozy vibe outdoors but also effectively blocks chilly winds, making your winter patio experience in the Windy City more comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. Shade Screens: Shade screens go beyond simply blocking the summer sun; they also offer extra insulation during the winter months. Choose a durable screen that protects against both sunlight and wind, blocking some UV rays while allowing in natural light. Install the shade screen strategically around your patio to shield against the low winter sun and create a barrier against chilly winds.Screened Patio
  4. Wind Blocking Panels: Install panels made of acrylic, Plexiglas, or tempered glass to block winter winds on your patio while still letting in plenty of natural light. These see-through barriers keep the cold out while maintaining a bright and open feel. They not only protect your outdoor space but also add a stylish touch, making your patio cozy and inviting during colder seasons.
  5. Awning Side Panels: Upgrade your patio by incorporating awning side panels for extra benefits. These panels not only minimize glare but also offer insulation against both heat and cold. By reducing glare, they enhance the comfort of your outdoor space, while their insulation properties maintain an agreeable temperature, making your patio enjoyable throughout the changing seasons.
  6. Roll-up Porch Enclosure Curtains: Adding roll-up porch enclosure curtains to your patio brings practical versatility. These curtains can be individually rolled up, giving you the flexibility to block wind and rain as needed. You can enjoy an open and breezy feel or create a sealed barrier when the weather requires it. This adaptable feature enhances your outdoor space, making it easy to stay comfortable and make the most of your patio, whether it’s a windy day or a sudden rain shower.style home patio terrace with curtains and wicker, rattan, reed decorations.
  7. Heat Source: To keep your enclosed patio warm during colder times, think about introducing a heat source. Whether it’s a space heater, patio heater, or outdoor fireplace, these options can provide the heat needed for a snug and welcoming environment. A space heater works well for smaller areas, while a patio heater offers broader coverage. An outdoor fireplace not only functions as a heat source but also adds a charming focal point, enhancing the overall ambiance of your patio. With a dedicated heat source, your enclosed patio becomes a comfortable retreat, even when temperatures drop.
  8. Plastic and Glass Walls: Choose plastic or glass walls for a lasting and comprehensive patio enclosure. These walls create a permanent division, fully separating your outdoor space. Plastic walls offer durability and cost-effectiveness, while glass walls add a modern touch. With this setup, you establish a well-insulated and weather-resistant patio, shielding it from wind, rain, and other external elements.

How to Choose the Right Enclosure for your Patio?

Start your decision-making process by figuring out how you and your family will use the space. Next, evaluate where you plan to build the room. Are you thinking about constructing a new enclosed patio, or do you want to enclose an existing porch, patio, or deck? Alternatively, perhaps you’re aiming to create a completely new space? If it’s a new structure, choose the best spot based on both space and functionality.

Need Help with Brick Patio Installation?

Fire Pit and patio constructed by Pavestone Brick PavingPavestone, your reliable patio contractor, is at your service in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Glenview, and across the Chicagoland areas. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing patio with an enclosure or embark on the construction of a new one, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled professionals are committed to providing top-notch craftsmanship, ensuring your dream of a perfect brick patio becomes a reality. From the initial design phase to the final touches, we prioritize precision and attention to detail.

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