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Building outdoor living spaces greatly enhances your property by giving you a place to relax or entertain friends and family outside.  You can make your outdoor living spaces safer and more comfortable so you can enjoy them later into the night by installing landscape lighting.

Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. is a landscape lighting contractor that can design and install landscape lighting in Arlington Heights, IL. We can help you choose the best lighting for your hardscape to light up your outdoor living spaces.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

You can enhance the appearance of your hardscape features and make your outdoor living spaces safer for use at night by adding outdoor lighting.  You can create a range of visual effects and invoke certain moods with specific types of lighting which gives your hardscape a lively nighttime appearance.  There are many different types of outdoor lighting you can choose from, and the layout of the lights can help you create ambiance while ensuring your outdoor living spaces are properly lit.

Pavestone can help you install the following types of outdoor lighting:

  • Uplighting: Uplighting is when lights are faced upwards and focused directly on certain hardscape features. The focused, direct lighting can add character to specific features and create a surreal backdrop when aimed at bushes and trees.
  • Silhouette lighting: Backlighting hardscape features, like trees, shrubs, and sculptures, can create a silhouette effect with interesting shadows and a prominent outline.
  • Spotlighting: Spotlights can create silhouettes with backlighting, and they can also be used directly on certain hardscape features which emphasizes subtle textures and causes them to stand out.
  • Decorative lighting: You can create a festive atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces by incorporating decorative lighting such as string lights, decorative lamps, and paper lanterns.
  • Ambient lighting: Soft lighting can be used to create an ambient effect by filling the spaces in your hardscape. This effect can be created with a single lighting source or by combining lighting sources.
  • Colored lighting: You can use colored lighting in your hardscape to create different moods such as a welcoming feeling with warm colors or a more serene atmosphere with cool colors.

As an outdoor lighting contractor, Pavestone can help you choose the best outdoor lighting for your hardscape to create the desired atmosphere.  We can also help design the layout of the lighting to ensure that outdoor living spaces are properly lit and highlight certain hardscape features.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

The patio may be the main gathering space in your hardscape for socializing, sharing meals, and gathering around a fire pit. Lighting for your patio should adequately fill the space.  You can create a warm atmosphere with ambient lighting and incorporate decorative lighting.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

You can enhance the appearance of your walkways and make them safer to use at night with outdoor lighting.  Downward lighting may be the best option because it effectively lights up the walkway and accentuates the colors and texture of the pavers while avoiding glare.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide depth and space definition to your landscape that can be emphasized with good lighting.  Downward lighting can be used to highlight the angles, textures, height, and layout of the retaining wall and it can be focused on features along the wall like shrubs and flower beds.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

At Pavestone, we can help you with the design and installation of your outdoor landscape lighting.  We can help you choose the right type of lighting to create the desired atmosphere and highlight certain features of your hardscape and determine the best possible layout to achieve these effects.  You can choose from a variety of available lighting types to illuminate your outdoor living spaces.

As we help with the design for the layout of your lighting, we will create a full color 3D digital model so you can see what the layout will look like.  We can then make adjustments to the design before the installation.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Maintenance and Repairs for Landscape Lighting

Your landscape lighting could be damaged due to accidentally knocking them over, animals, and severe weather conditions.  Our professionals can repair and replace damaged lights and provide maintenance to help prevent issues with your outdoor lighting.

Retrofits and Upgrades

Our professionals can retrofit landscape lighting into your existing outdoor living spaces.  We will help you design the layout and choose the right lighting to suit your vision for your existing hardscape.  If you already have outdoor lighting, we can replace your lights for an upgrade.

Landscape Lighting Installation from Pavestone

You can create ambiance and accentuate features of your hardscape while making your outdoor living spaces safe to use at night with outdoor landscape lighting.  Our professionals at Pavestone can help you design and install outdoor lighting to illuminate your hardscape and transform your outdoor living spaces into impressive displays.

For more about our landscape lighting installation services in Arlington Heights, IL, call Pavestone at (847) 895-7004.

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We just had our old concrete patio replaced with a beautiful paver patio and we LOVE it! We used Mario who was wonderful, and I would highly recommend! He was extremely responsive to our phone calls and questions and everyone we worked with was extremely professional. Mario sat with me for over an hour as we made our decision on the perfect stones to match our yard and the siding and roof, and when it came time to do the installation, the staff couldn’t have been nicer and efficient! We love our patio so much and had such a great experience that we want to add on a fire pit, seating area, and built in grill for next year!

Nicole Leon

Ricky and his crew truly delivered. From the planning stages through completion Ricky was responsive, timely and gave us a clear expectation of all aspects of the project. The project started on time and finished on schedule. The installation crew did a great job making sure everything was done right and kept everything as clean and organized as possible while the project was going. We are thrilled with our new patio.

Geoffrey Sobieski

Mario at Pavestone is the best. He was a pleasure to work with. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted in a paver patio but Mario was patient with us and talked through a few designs, showed us the unilock catalog and helped us narrow it down. He gave insightful recommendations and never made us feel rushed or pressured and definitely no upselling!!! If you want proper old school customer service just ask for Mario. Once we scheduled the work, they had a crew of about 5 or 6 and it only took them 4 days. The attention to detail was wonderful. They laid down plywood to make sure they didn’t destroy the grass in-between the house. They were prompt and cleaned up every day. They did a fantastic job and did not rush through any of it. We couldn’t be happier. We LOVE our beautiful patio from Pavestone!

Dan Heinz

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