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Transform your outdoor area into an additional room for entertaining with the addition of a beautiful living space. Create inviting and relaxing atmospheres in any hour or weather condition by using landscape lighting to illuminate your newly expanded home environment, so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer while bringing people together.

Enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space day or night with professional lighting installation from Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. Our experienced team serves the north and northwest Chicago suburbs, including Park Ridge IL, helping you find just the right mix of light to enhance every hardscape feature.

You can illuminate your evening outdoor living spaces and create a safe, inviting atmosphere with expertly designed hardscape lighting. Generate the perfect mood or effect by controlling where light is placed to highlight specific areas of your landscape–when you choose Pavestone, you’ll have a plethora of options that allow for custom-tailored illumination.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

You can work with Pavestone to install the following types of landscape lighting:

  • Uplighting: Uplighting has the power to completely transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. This type of lighting provides a direct and focused beam, perfect for showing off hardscape or landscape features. You can shift the feel of certain areas in the yard by using this feature, adding character to even mundane elements like walls or trees that will create an unforgettable atmosphere.
  • Silhouette lighting: Backlighting helps you create captivating silhouettes and shadows in your outdoor space. Through strategic lighting of trees, sculptures, shrubs, or any other hardscape features, you can create a show-stopping vignette in your outdoor space. Highlight these specific elements to draw the eye and engage viewers–making for an unforgettable landscape experience.
  • Spotlighting: Spotlights can be used creatively to highlight the intricate textures of hardscape features, as well as produce dynamic silhouettes.
  • Decorative lighting: Give your hardscape a festive touch with stunning string lights, stunning paper lanterns, and eye-catching decorative lamps. Dynamic lighting creates an inviting outdoor space for gathering.
  • Ambient lighting: You can create a tranquil atmosphere in any space with ambient lighting. Discover the delights of soft illumination, from a single source or through combination lighting to create your own personal paradise.
  • Colored lighting: Incorporate colored lighting to create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere for areas such as patios and kitchens or an atmosphere that’s calm and tranquil by adding cool hues around pools. Let light play its part in defining different moods throughout your hardscape.

Pavestone is the Park Ridge, IL expert in outdoor lighting. Let us help you create a beautiful atmosphere for your property, one that highlights and accentuates all of its unique features. We are here to ensure your dream project becomes reality.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

Your patio is the ideal gathering spot to relax, entertain, and soak up some warmth around a fire pit. With more space than many outdoor areas come greater lighting considerations–ambient lights can create a warm inviting atmosphere while decorative options provide that extra festive touch.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Illuminate your walkways with outdoor lighting and enjoy a safer, more beautiful path at night. With downward facing light fixtures, you can appreciate the architectural details of brick pavers or natural stone along your route while avoiding glare from up high.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Retaining Walls

Transform your retaining wall into a stunning focal point with the addition of outdoor lighting. Utilize downward-facing fixtures to bring out texture and layout, while accenting shrubs or flowerbeds for maximum impact. Installing these lights is an easy way to add dimension and allure.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Your outdoor hardscape can become a breathtaking nighttime spectacle with the help of our professionals at Pavestone. We specialize in creating stunning lighting arrangements for any space and will collaborate closely to ensure that all aspects of your design come together harmoniously; including selecting appropriate light fixtures, type, and placement to create the desired ambience.

We will help you bring your design to life by creating a 3D model with vivid color rendering. You can then see the project before we start the installation, giving you peace of mind and full control over any changes that need to be made.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Maintenance and Repairs for Landscape Lighting

Our expert maintenance and repair services can significantly extend the life of your outdoor landscape lighting. Our professionals can help you combat weather, animals, or accidental damage to ensure your lights stay illuminated all season long.

Retrofits and Upgrades

Enhance your existing hardscape with our professional landscaping lighting solutions. Our team of experts will assess the area and work hand-in-hand to develop a personalized design plan tailored towards illuminating what matters most. We also provide upgrades so you can update that old look with modern, energy efficient illumination.

Landscape Lighting Installation from Pavestone

Pavestone offers the perfect lighting solution to bring your outdoor space to life. Our designs can add a captivating ambience and showcase hardscape features, all while keeping it secure after dark. Let us create an impressive display that will truly enhance your landscape experience.

 Get your outdoor lighting installations done right the first time when you call Pavestone at (847) 895-7004. Our dedicated technicians are available to provide quality landscape and patio lighting for homes in Park Ridge, IL as well as other north and northwest Chicago suburbs.

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We just had our old concrete patio replaced with a beautiful paver patio and we LOVE it! We used Mario who was wonderful, and I would highly recommend! He was extremely responsive to our phone calls and questions and everyone we worked with was extremely professional. Mario sat with me for over an hour as we made our decision on the perfect stones to match our yard and the siding and roof, and when it came time to do the installation, the staff couldn’t have been nicer and efficient! We love our patio so much and had such a great experience that we want to add on a fire pit, seating area, and built in grill for next year!

Nicole Leon

Ricky and his crew truly delivered. From the planning stages through completion Ricky was responsive, timely and gave us a clear expectation of all aspects of the project. The project started on time and finished on schedule. The installation crew did a great job making sure everything was done right and kept everything as clean and organized as possible while the project was going. We are thrilled with our new patio.

Geoffrey Sobieski

Mario at Pavestone is the best. He was a pleasure to work with. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted in a paver patio but Mario was patient with us and talked through a few designs, showed us the unilock catalog and helped us narrow it down. He gave insightful recommendations and never made us feel rushed or pressured and definitely no upselling!!! If you want proper old school customer service just ask for Mario. Once we scheduled the work, they had a crew of about 5 or 6 and it only took them 4 days. The attention to detail was wonderful. They laid down plywood to make sure they didn’t destroy the grass in-between the house. They were prompt and cleaned up every day. They did a fantastic job and did not rush through any of it. We couldn’t be happier. We LOVE our beautiful patio from Pavestone!

Dan Heinz

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