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Adding outdoor living spaces can have a significant impact on how we enjoy our homes. Not only can they be used for entertaining friends and family, but they also provide some much needed peace and quiet away from indoors. To really make the most of these areas, one of the best things you can do is add landscape lighting. Lighting up your outdoor space is practical in terms of ensuring safety after dark, and it also gives you the unique opportunity to turn your outdoors into an extension of your home that can be enjoyed no matter the time of day.

If you’re in search of a reliable and experienced landscape lighting contractor in Glenview, IL, look no further than Pavestone Brick Paving, Inc. With years of expertise, our services are tailored to provide the best outdoor lighting solutions to illuminate any outdoor living space. We offer solutions for any hardscape features that require particular care and attention when it comes to lighting installation. Let us help you create a stunning outdoor area that can be enjoyed after dark.

Outfitted with the latest technology, our skilled contractors can determine the most suitable lighting options for your unique needs. Get in touch to find out how we can help bring your outdoor entertaining spaces to life.

Pavestone installs the following types of landscape lighting:

  • Uplighting: With upward-facing lights, you can bring a magical ambiance to the hardscape and landscape features in your yard. Transform drab surfaces into showstoppers by highlighting them with focused beams of light – creating an eye-catching display that’s sure to take any gathering under the stars up a notch.
  • Silhouette lighting: Backlighting brings your hardscape features to life by emanating a prominent outline and resulting in captivating shadows around sculptures, bushes, and trees that will make your outdoor living space more memorable.
  • Spotlighting: Illuminate your hardscape features with the power of spotlights to create captivating silhouettes and draw attention to their unique textures. Highlight these subtle nuances for a stunning outdoor design that stands out from the rest.
  • Decorative lighting: Simple decorative lighting solutions such as string lights, paper lanterns, and eye-catching lamps create a festive atmosphere for your hardscape.
  • Ambient lighting: Transform any room into a calming oasis with ambient lighting. We can create an immersive atmosphere by unifying individual lights or combining sources to achieve the desired effect.
  • Colored lighting: Create a feeling of warmth and hospitality with vibrant colors or soothe and invigorate the senses in your hardscape oasis through ethereal blues. Colored lighting is an excellent way to craft an ambiance that’s just right for any outdoor activity.

You can make the outdoor features of your property even more stunning with our help. At Pavestone, we are professional lighting contractors who specialize in designing outdoor accent lighting that will enhance any hardscape and bring a beautiful atmosphere to life.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

The patio is a perfect place to gather with friends and family for socializing, dining al fresco, or simply enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire pit. To create an inviting atmosphere in this larger outdoor living space you’ll want ambient lighting that adds both ambiance and safety benefits—not forgetting decorative accents like string lights which can give your patio an extra special feeling when celebrating.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patios

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Installing outdoor lighting for your walkways is more than just a striking effect, it can also make nighttime travel through the outdoors safer. Directing this ambient light downwards creates an ambiance to highlight the beautiful textures and colors of brick pavers or natural stone slabs without any glare.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Walkways

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Retaining Walls

Create depth and texture with your retaining walls by installing outdoor lighting. Downward-facing lights can bring out the exceptional features of the structures along these walls including their flowerbeds and shrubs, all while avoiding uncomfortable glares.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

At Pavestone, we recognize the importance of having the appropriate landscape lighting to bring out the beauty of your hardscape features. We take into account all of your ideas, from which features you want to highlight and feature at night to the type of atmosphere you wish for, and then provide our expertise in designing a custom plan based on those ideas. Our professionals draw upon their experience and knowledge available to create an effective lighting design for your desired look. With our range of outdoor lighting options, we can help you create a stunning display at night with attention to detail that will not disappoint.

As we work with you to finalize the design, we will create a 3D model with full-color rendering so you can see what the project will look like when completed.  This also gives you an opportunity to make changes to your design before the installation begins.

Pavestone Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Maintenance and Repairs for Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides a beautiful and safe atmosphere to any outdoor area—however, nothing is indestructible. Whether it be from weathering, animal intrusions, or accidental damage, your outdoor lighting might start to experience issues. At Pavestone, our professional technicians provide maintenance and repair services for outdoor landscape lighting that are tailored to your needs. Our team can either repair damaged lights or replace them with high-grade models if necessary. Together we can keep your outdoor lighting system looking great and lasting even longer.

Retrofits and Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade the lighting in your outdoor living spaces, Pavestone offers modern retrofitting options to illuminate your existing hardscape. Our team of professionals will assess your landscape to get an idea of how best to bring it to life with landscape lighting. After discussing your ideas with you, we can help choose the right lights and determine a design that works with the layout and aesthetic of your space. In addition, our service also offers upgrades if you want to replace the current lighting with something newer and improved. Whatever your needs may be, our experienced landscaping crew will work hard to ensure your outdoor area has just the look and feel that you want.

Landscape Lighting Installation from Pavestone

Pavestone understands that lighting your outdoor living spaces can turn them into a great gathering space at any time of day. By installing landscape lighting, you can create a welcoming atmosphere and show off features like trees, steps, and pathways. Landscape lighting also makes it safe for you and your guests to move around in the space when it gets dark. With our expertise, we can design and install lights that improve your outdoor experience.

We are proud to serve Glenview, IL, and the surrounding north and northwest Chicago suburbs. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your landscape with beautiful landscape lighting. Contact us today at (847) 895-7004 for more information about our landscape lighting solutions.

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We just had our old concrete patio replaced with a beautiful paver patio and we LOVE it! We used Mario who was wonderful, and I would highly recommend! He was extremely responsive to our phone calls and questions and everyone we worked with was extremely professional. Mario sat with me for over an hour as we made our decision on the perfect stones to match our yard and the siding and roof, and when it came time to do the installation, the staff couldn’t have been nicer and efficient! We love our patio so much and had such a great experience that we want to add on a fire pit, seating area, and built in grill for next year!

Nicole Leon

Ricky and his crew truly delivered. From the planning stages through completion Ricky was responsive, timely and gave us a clear expectation of all aspects of the project. The project started on time and finished on schedule. The installation crew did a great job making sure everything was done right and kept everything as clean and organized as possible while the project was going. We are thrilled with our new patio.

Geoffrey Sobieski

Mario at Pavestone is the best. He was a pleasure to work with. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted in a paver patio but Mario was patient with us and talked through a few designs, showed us the unilock catalog and helped us narrow it down. He gave insightful recommendations and never made us feel rushed or pressured and definitely no upselling!!! If you want proper old school customer service just ask for Mario. Once we scheduled the work, they had a crew of about 5 or 6 and it only took them 4 days. The attention to detail was wonderful. They laid down plywood to make sure they didn’t destroy the grass in-between the house. They were prompt and cleaned up every day. They did a fantastic job and did not rush through any of it. We couldn’t be happier. We LOVE our beautiful patio from Pavestone!

Dan Heinz

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