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Pavestone Brick Paving is a respected outdoor light contractor servicing the Chicago Metropolitan Area for 20+ years. When you’re searching for a way to get the outdoor lighting or landscape lighting that illuminates your property for added security call our expert team. Enjoy your outdoor area at any time of the evening with proper exterior lighting. Pavestone looks forward to making you our next Inverness satisfied customer.

Inverness Landscape Lighting

Inverness, Illinois has a motto that reads, “The village with a heritage.” Inverness customers know Pavestone as their leading outdoor lighting and landscape lighting source. Inverness has 7,399 residents that are guarantee reasonably pricing on exterior lighting. As an outdoor light contractor, Pavestone is here to reflect your vision while providing exceptional outdoor lighting.

Inverness Outdoor Light Contractor

Pavestone highlights the beauty of your outdoor living space with exceptional outdoor lighting products. We will take your ideas for landscape lighting and exterior lighting and make them a reality. Our goal as an outdoor light contractor is to exceed your expectations. Pavestone Brick Paving provides a FREE estimate, so call (847) 895-7004 today to receive more information regarding our services. Get the stunning outdoor lighting you want at a reasonable cost!

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